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Spider & Silverfish Sticky Traps - Non-toxic & Made in USA (6 Pack)

Eliminate Spiders and Silverfish with Ease: Nontoxic Enoz Trap-N-Kill Sticky Traps, Made in USA - 6 Count

- Made in the USA: The Enoz Trap-N-Kill Spider and Silverfish Sticky Traps are proudly made in the USA, ensuring high-quality materials and manufacturing standards.
- Easy to use: These traps are easy to use - simply place them in areas where spiders and silverfish are commonly found, such as closets, basements, and garages, and dispose of them once they are full. They are also discreet and can be placed out of sight.

Enoz Trap-N-Kill Spider and Silverfish Sticky Traps are the perfect solution for those who want to get rid of spiders and silverfish without using harmful pesticides. These traps are made in the USA and are completely nontoxic, making them safe to use around children and pets. The package includes six traps, making it easy to place them in multiple areas of your home. The sticky traps are easy to use and can be placed in corners, along walls, or anywhere you suspect spiders or silverfish may be hiding. Once caught, simply dispose of the trap and replace it with a new one. With Enoz Trap-N-Kill Spider and Silverfish Sticky Traps, you can enjoy a pest-free home without the worry of harmful chemicals.